8 Foods For Lowering High blood most potent

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8 foods for Lowering high blood most potent

8 Foods For Lowering High blood most potent

This time the forhealty.com divide a potent for lowering high blood in this way, adopting a healthy diet and balanced diet is one way to prevent and reduce high blood pressure and hypertension. Experts believe that the consumption of foods derived from plant (plant) and a diet high in fruits is closely associated with low blood pressure.

Given the importance of the influence of food on the development of hypertension, the experts who are members of the National Institute of Health (NIH) recommends 8 (eight) food which is believed may help lower blood pressure:

1. Banana
This fruit is quite good for lowering high blood pressure, therefore you are suffering from high blood pressure diseases can more often consume this fruit. This is because the potassium content in bananas can help control blood pressure. The mineral content of banana fruit can also balance the salt effect on the body as well as improve the function of the kidney organs. According to the research that has been done, the routine of eating bananas every day proved it can lower blood pressure. Konsumsilah a waste of two bananas each day so that the pressure of the blood in the body may be reduced.

2. Cucumber
Food-lowering high blood pressure is also found in the fruit of cucumbers for cucumber has a low sodium, making it very suitable for you who want to lower high blood pressure. How to use it as follows. Choose quality cucumbers, then clean, then grate, strain cucumbers to dispense water, water consumption the cucumber 2 times a day so that high blood pressure can drop rapidly

3. Noni
noni is already known to the public as a folk remedy for lowering high blood pressure. The benefits of noni to high blood because the pace can unleash a blood circulation, in addition, noni also helps to remove the toxins in the body. How to use noni for lowering hypertension fairly easy i.e. prepare a clean, then noni puree using a blender, then strain the water into glasses of noni. Drink the potion each day to lower your high blood.

4. Hibiscus Tea
Maybe you're hard to change your eating habits. Therefore, try to change your drinking habits. Rather than drinking one cup of coffee, replace it with more healthy herbal tea. Consuming herbal tea regularly can reduce blood pressure and improve your health.

5. Egg whites
The egg white is also a healthy food-lowering high blood pressure that is potent. Start your day with a wholesome breakfast of egg consumption. And preferably, only the consumption of white only. Egg white in addition to having a high protein content also contains proven peptide can help lower blood pressure. Konsumsilah these foods on a regular basis every day so that the disease high blood pressure you are suffering can be cured.

6. Tomato
Benefits of tomato juice for the body pretty well. Tomatoes contain lycopene which can lower blood pressure naturally. According to a study conducted in Australia found that by consuming at least 25 mg in your diet each day, you can lower your levels of LDL (' bad cholesterol ') up to 10%.

7. Watermelon
Fresh fruit is very deliciously presented when the summer season. Watermelon fruit is a fruit that is rich in moisture content so that it can help to fulfill the needs of fluids to the body. Its natural sweetness is also quite good and can be used as good fruit to the diet. Watermelon It is the fruit of containing L-citrulline that can help control blood pressure and regulate blood flow.

8. Raisin
These chewy fruit snacks can be good for people with high blood pressure. Ni proven fruit can lower high blood pressure so it is very good for Your consumption. Researchers reveal that when participants pre-hypertension eating raisin three times a day within 12 weeks, can significantly systolic or diastolic blood pressure they are lower.

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