How to choose a good meat

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How to choose a good meat

How to choose a good meat

vote for the good, for those of you who don't often cook may be difficulties in distinguishing where meat and meat with poor quality. But here are a few ways that you can use to select the fresh meat.

There are several ways of determining the meat a nice:

Choose meat that is still red, don't pick the meat with a color that is not red anymore, because it can be ascertained that the meat has long been consumed and not worth it anymore.

The texture of the meat is of good quality is having a structure supple. To prove it, press the meat section to know textures. If the meat back to its original shape after it is pressed, it means the meat of fresh.

The smell of
Fresh meat is certainly having a still fresh as the smell of meat and not smell sour.

There is no liquid
When you are selecting meat at the market, you'll see a red liquid like blood out of the meat. The liquid is indeed not blood, but rather the quintessence of the meat. avoid buying meat already wrapped in plastic wrap that reveals the fluid, if the juice too much flesh that out, so nobody feels and awful.

Do Not Buy Frozen Meat
Freeze meat indeed aims to maintain the durability of the flesh. However, the meat causes loss of freshness. Aim for fresh meat buys and direct process. If you are forced to buy frozen meat, choose meat that is not any interest because most likely there are also ice flowers inside the meat. This is the sign that the meat was not fresh. This meat has gone through the stages of preservation that is too long, starting from freezing, refrigeration, and freezing again.

So articles about tips on choosing a good meat, may be useful to you and see you in the next article.


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