How To Treat Nail Fungus

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How To Treat Nail Fungus

How To Treat Nail Fungus

How To Treat Nail Fungus - If you have white dots aka yellow at the tip of the finger nails nail aka mother of a finger, it could be that it is nail fungus medical language alias called Onychomycosis.When the infection spreads, the more nails can be discolored, thickened, and destroyed in the end.


Nail fungus usually infects the hard materials of the shape the nails. The infection itself may spread to the entire nail, belongs to the runway, the plates, as well as the root of the nail.


Learn About The Causes Of Toenail Fungus

The cause of the disturbance at this nail is a fungus dermatophyte. Not only that, yeast fungi (candida) sometimes join the responsible for the occurrence of Onychomycosis. When conditions are warm and humid, nail fungus with a happy heart would make the nails you as a Habitat.
Toenail fungus often attacks the toe nail than fingers. This factor because the toes are in normal conditions that make easy to grow mushrooms, some sort of dark, warmand humid.


In addition, the toe has a blood teaching fewer than with the fingers. Thus, the immune system of the body is unable to detect any problems and was unable to stop the infection that occurs in the area quickly.


A variety of acts that affect the easy nail fungus invades the toe is:

  • Has damage on the skin aka the nails.
  • Located in the humid environment.
  • Wear shoes that make feet feel hot and sweaty.
  • Routine cosmetic wear on nails aka the fake nails.
  • Not rarely biting.
  • Too often washing hands aka water come into contact with in a long time.
  • Have a less good health disease diabetes aka psoriasis. Psoriasis is it self-disease marked with skin cells grow too quickly so it forms patches on the surface of the skin is thick and reddish colored white aka.
  • How To Tutorials To Treat It?
  • There are many different tutorials that you can do yourself at home to cope with nail fungus.
  • Wear antifungal
  • When white signs have appeared in the nails, wash your nails and pat dry. Next, apply an antifungal ointment. If feet are attacked, sharing as well as antifungal spray powder alias make sure feet routinely clean and dry.


Wear balm
Mesikipun there is no research that proves medical way, but can tackle the issue bottomed balm nail fungus, especially balm VapoRub. But before you applying balm every day by wearing cotton on the affected nail, you should consult with a doctor.


Cut and nail the diluting
Cut and nail the diluting drugs used would help to absorb deeper. This technique also reduces the pressure of the nail so the pain does more. You can apply creams containing urea on nail fungus causes thick, wrap with gauze, and then leave it overnight. When the morning, rinse with water and SOAP. This factor helps to make nails more lenient so it is easy to cut and diluting.


When the above deeds remain potent yet raise a nail fungus infection is independent of, then immediately contact a doctor. A variety of acts that may be made of the doctor include:
  • Antifungal drug prescribing to drink
  • To replace an infected nail by nail with fungus, the doctor would prescribe antifungal medication possibilities. Healing toenail fungus with drugs of this type usually takes approximately four months. Time as long as it is required to obtain a nail fungus as well as the freely growing perfectly.


Give the medicine in the form of Nail Polish
Other medications that may be prescribed is the nail polish which has antifungal properties. This antifungal Nail Polish called ciclopirox. Its purpose is to coat the nails as well as more or less an infected nail. In early usage, Nail Polish would be left as long as seven days before being cleaned with alcohol. Next, to these antifungal Nail, Polish usage mandatory is made every day as long as a year to nail fungus is very freely obtained.


Give the medicine in the form of cream
Another treatment that can be made is by wearing cream antifungal. Its use is made with the tutorials on the infected nails rubbed. Make sure the nails are soaked and diluting before being software cream. Thinning of the nail is required so that the antifungal cream is easier to penetrate the layers of the nail so mushrooms more it easy put away.


Nail removal operation
Toenail removal fungus-infected when doctors recommended would have caused unbearable pain. With the infected nail uninstall nail, which then would grow in the same place. The healing process with this method could take a year until the new nail grows perfectly.
Laser therapy
One of the modern methods could be made, i.e.wear laser therapy. Unfortunately, although better results, but its effectiveness still requires further research. Lucky, there has been a study of the beginning stating that the use of this therapy combined with potent antifungal cream handle nail fungus ...
Of course, all the above process does not need to happen if You look at the cleanliness of the toenails and hands early on. Because toenail fungus is close associated with cleanliness.

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