Causes Of Constipation and How To Overcome it

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Causes Of Constipation and How To Overcome It

causes of chronic constipation in babies

Causes Of Constipation and How To Overcome it - Not smooth bowel movements are often known by the term constipation or constipation. This is a common condition that can affect people of all ages. If you experienced it, meaning you cannot defecate regularly or you are not able to empty your bowel correctly.

Constipation can also cause Your stools to be hard, bigor even small. The severity is not smooth bowel movements varies from person to person, many of which are experiencing in a short time, but there is also a long term condition becomes.

Reason bowel movements are not Smooth

Experiencing bowel movements are not smooth bowel movement indicates that you become heavy or weak. Bowel movements on every person are different and vary greatly. There are some people that bowel movements three times in a day, but there are also some more bowel movements once or twice in a week.


Some of the things that cause bowel movements are not smooth, among them:


  • Lifestyle and food menu: Diet and lifestyle that is inactive are the cause, not smooth bowel movements are most common. Lack of exercise and eating too much fast food can also disturb your digestive health. Some risk factors related to menu foods that can make you feel constipation include processed milk products, foods high in fat and sugar, a lack of fibrous foods (such as fruit, vegetables, and whole grains), lack of water and other liquids, often consuming caffeinated or alcoholic drinks.
  • Not smooth bowel movements can also be caused by side effects of the medicine prescribed for you. If you drink drugs and feeling bowel movements becoming not smoothly or not as usual, immediately ask your doctor. Because, there are some common drugs that can cause you to experience constipation, such as a diuretic, antacids, antidepressants, supplements such as iron, and antihypertensive. Overuse of laxatives can also affect the pattern chapter.
Certain health conditions
In addition, not smooth bowel movements or constipation can also be a side effect or symptom of many health conditions. In this condition, feces pass through the colon more slowly, that is cause you are having bowel movements are not smooth or constipation. Disease irritable bowel syndrome or IBS is also one of the causes of bowel movements is not the most common smoothly. Other health conditions such as stroke, colon cancer, stressParkinson's disease, spinal cord injury, hypothyroidism, pregnancy, diabeteslupus, and is also aging.


Some symptoms are you having bowel movements do not smoothly cover the existence of an uncomfortable sensation in the lower abdomen, the feeling still want defecation (bowel movements hadn't), need to be struggled during bowel movements, stool or small, hard and anal or rectal bleeding occurs which is caused by dirt that hard .


Not smooth bowel movements can occur in infants, children, and also adults. However, women are two times more at risk of experiencing this than men and is also more common in older adults and during pregnancy.


Bowel movements are not smooth apparently can be prevented in several ways, including:


  • Food consumption more fiber. Not smooth bowel movements are almost always caused by not enough fiber and liquids. Fibre and liquids can make the work of the bowel to be smooth and easy to make you defecate. A good source of fiber is a fruit, vegetableslegumes, and cereals. In addition, you are advised to consume water as much as 1.5 to 2 liters a day, unless the doctor limits the intake of fluid for you. Fiber and water working together to make You defecate regularly. Avoid caffeinated beverages because they can cause you to experience dehydration. Avoid processed milk products because most people often experience bowel movements are not smooth when consuming it.
  • Manage stress: Stress can sometimes make the colon suffered a spasm or tensed, and cause pain and stool become hard. Techniques to reduce stress can improve constipation symptoms or constipation. These include exercise, meditation, and yoga.
  • Exercise regularly: Do all of the things that can keep you active, at least 30 minutes a day, and keep the routine for a week.
  • Don't delay for going to the bathroom: If you feel like to defecate, immediately went to the bathroom.
Constipation is often improved with changes to diet and a healthy lifestyle as mentioned above. But if there are symptoms of constipation accompanied by abdominal pain is severe, there is blood in the stool, weight loss without a clear cause, constipation is felt more than two weeks in a row, and if such a small pencil diameter shit then you are advised immediately checked the condition to the doctor.


If you are having bowel movements are not smooth and it bothers you, immediatelyconsult your doctor to get proper treatment and handling.

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