Dangers Of Alcohol During Pregnancy

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Dangers Of Alcohol During Pregnancy

Dangers Of Alcohol During Pregnancy

Dangers Of Alcohol During Pregnancy - Until now. a number of health experts have not been able to ascertain how secure drinks containing alcohol for pregnant women and the fetus. The safest step is avoiding drinking alcohol while pregnant.
The debate over whether allowed to drink alcohol while pregnant seems to never run out. Some doctors say, drinking alcohol while pregnant as long as limited in number, does not harm the health of the fetus. But some others are opposed to that opinion.

How much Alcohol can be consumed

The results showed that drinking alcohol while pregnant in a certain amount can lead to congenital abnormalities or congenital disorder (birth defects) in infants. Even so, there has been no research proving whether consuming a little alcohol also affects the same for the fetus. In particular, there has been no research that can provide a limitation of the amount of alcohol consumed is safe for pregnant women.
Determine the amount of alcohol consumption that's safe for pregnant women is quite difficult. This is because each of the women has levels of resistance to the drinks contain alcohol. Some pregnant women have the alcohol-breaking enzymes is lower than the normal range, so alcohol is longer in the blood flow and endangers the condition of the fetus.
This is what factors make health experts recommend not drinking alcohol when pregnant for the sake of the health of the baby.
If you still choose to consume drinks containing alcohol, be sure not to overdo it. The recommended measure for once drink is half a can of beer or equivalent 236ml containing not more 3.5% alcohol levels in units of volume (alcohol by volume/ABV).
The frequency of consuming alcoholic beverages is limited i.e. a maximum of twice a week. However, it is recommended not to drink alcohol while pregnant during the first three months of pregnancy to prevent the occurrence of preterm birth or miscarriage.

Fetal alcohol effects

The liver is one of the organs of the human body that takes the longest to develop.New fetal liver functions perfectly on the final stages of pregnancy. When pregnant women consume alcohol, blood flow carries the alcohol passes through the placenta to the fetus.
At this time, the baby's heart has not been able to process alcohol as the body of an adult. If the level of alcohol is too much, so it can affect the development of the baby's body cells.
Drinking alcohol while pregnant is excessive, have a risk of damaging the nervous system of the baby. This condition causes the baby susceptible fetal alcohol syndrome(FAS/fetal alcohol syndrome). FAS lead to birth defects, learning difficulties and problems of socialization of children as adults.
Consuming more than 4 cans of beer a day while pregnant, can increase the risk of babies affected by FAS. Older FAS sufferers generally having problems in the development of her body. For example, a smaller head size, facial abnormalities, as well as disruptions in learning and behaving, such as slow in speech.
Although there is no research that can prove that a small amount of alcohol is dangerous to the fetus, but it would be better if not risk it at all. Avoid drinking alcohol while pregnant remains a better option compared to the risk of miscarriage or a disability which may overwrite your baby.

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