Kidney Function

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Kidney Function

Kidney Function


The kidneys; one of human secretion organs located in the right and left of the spine, more precisely under the organ the heart and spleen. Even though it is more commonly known by its main function-that is to filter the blood, kidney function to the human body stores the function that may yet Agan know. Do not believe? The following is the complete translation:

1. Filter and clean the blood

The first kidney function is to filter and clean the blood of foreign compounds and substances that enter the body through the consumption of food and drink daily. Before it is circulated throughout the body, the bloodfirst passing through the kidney's filtering process-particularly in the nephron. The rest of the exiles from this process itself will be discarded along with urine.

2. Form of urine

As was well known, the kidney is the organ that is closely related to the function of the formation of urine. Urine-generally consisting of water, ammonia, and urea-containing compounds and substances discarded are not needed by the body. Therefore, for the sake of secretion of fluids, it is important for health to always keep your kidney.

3. Set the levels of acid and alkaline body

Not many know that it turns out the kidneys also function to set the amount of acid and alkaline balance in the body. If one of them is considered have exceeded the normal kidney, then it will throw it away along with urine. Imagine if the kidneys are not functioning properly! Agan will be more vulnerable to the disease affected intimately connected with the excess amount of acid or base of the body.

4. Controlling your blood pressure

The two hormones produced kidney-renin and angiotensin-it turns out that serves to regulate the level of Rift and contraction of blood vessels in the body. This is what causes the functions of both are related to the body's blood pressure. If kidney function is good, blood pressure will be more controlled.

5. Stimulates the formation of red blood cells

Other hormones produced by the kidneys is erythropoietin. The workings of this hormone is to stimulate the bone marrow to produce red blood cells.

6. Maintain bone health

Who said there is no connection with the kidney condition of bones? The proof, the kidneys produce calcitriol, hardness, substances that your body needs to keep the amount of calcium and phosphate.

7. Keep the amount of water in the body

may think that the more the water contained in the body, then the better. Wrong! Because the amount of water that is too high can thus affect the blood. Therefore, renal function and then run osmoregulate-IE discard excess water and release it in the form of urine.

8. Set the amount of potassium in the blood

Do you know that the amount of potassium, Agan is too high-or too low-not good for the health of the body? Yes, if the amount of potassium is too much, then Aganwill experience a condition called hiperkalemia which can cause the heart muscle work slows down, could even culminate in death.

Whereas, if potassium is too low, then the body will be weakened so Agan will be more susceptible to exhaustion. Therefore, the kidney function is to keep the amount of potassium that is ideal so that the body can work normally. Attention, isn't it?

9. Control blood sugar levels

Kidney function is closely associated with the production of the hormone insulin and adrenalin. Then, what is the function of both these hormones? If insulin works for high sugar levels stable, then adrenalin that served to increase blood sugar levels if the number is too low.

10. Recycle a substance in the body

Lastly, the kidney function should Agan know is to recycle existing substances in the body. Glucose, amino acidsand a handful of salt are a substance that the body is recycled by the kidneys. If it is not needed anymore, then the substance is discarded along with urine. However, if your body needs, it will be immediately released along with the blood.


Well, that last ten kidney function to the body should Agan know. Therefore, yuk kidney care early on! Hopefully useful!

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