Knowing Cure Joint Pain

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Knowing Cure Joint Pain

Knowing Cure Joint Pain

Knowing Cure Joint Pain - Joint pain medication should not cause the sensation of burning. Some people often use balm, gel, or joint pain relief creams containing capsaicin to relieve joint pain. Whereas, cream or gel containing sodium diclofenac is actually more appropriately used to treat joint pain without giving the sensation of burning.

The joint is a media liaison between bones. Joints that are in your body, give you support and help you to move. Damage to the joints caused by disease or injury, apparently can interfere with Your movement and also cause pain.

Causes Of Joint Pain

Some conditions that can cause joint pain, osteoarthritis, injuries such as fractures, sprains, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and viral infections. Excessive activity such as standing too long, jumping, and lifting weights too heavy can also cause joint pain.

The Treatment Of Joint Pain

The treatment of joint pain is adjusted on the underlying causes. For the treatment at home can be done cold compress, break, and also drug to overcome the pain and inflammation. You can try wearing a topical medicine (medicine oles) to cope with pain such as sodium diklofenak gel that can be bought without a prescription.

Comparison of Sodium Diklofenak and Capsaicin

Some people prefer to use a cream or gel containing sodium diklofenak or capsaicin to relieve joint pain that had befallen him. But both types of drugs have a different way of working. The following describes two drug content of joint pain:

  • Sodium diklofenak : Diklofenak is the remedy bitter taste nonsteroid (OAINS) who can treat joint pain. These drugs work to relieve inflammation and reducing substances in the body that cause pain without causing sensations of spicy or smarting. Sodium diklofenak gel is normally used for the relief of pain due to osteoarthritis in specific joints, such as the area of the knee, ankle, foot, elbow, wrist, and hand. If joint pain is felt in many parts of the body, could be used as an oral tablet or diklofenak sodium. In addition to working as a antinyeri and inflammations such as sodium OAINS, the diklofenak also have other effects i.e. fever reliever. However, this drug should not be used in people with heart disease.
  • Capsaicin : Capsaicin is the active ingredient in chili peppers that create a sense of spicy. These active ingredients used in drugs such as creams and lotions oles to relieve muscle aches or joint pains. Creams containing capsaicin if smeared on the body will cause a smarting sensation enable certain nerve cells. The use of creams containing these active ingredients to treat joint pain is not recommended if: there are allergic to chili or medication capsaicin oles, used in children, and there are open wounds or irritated skin. You are recommended to wash the area of skin that is applied to this remedy, if spicy or cause a burning sensation discomfort or make your skin becomes reddish. Immediately clean with clean water when exposed to capsaicin mucosae such as eyes, mouth, or nose.

Possible joint pain remedy containing capsaicin and similar diklofenak, i.e. sodium can treat joint pain you are experiencing. But in fact it is not. Joint pain remedy containing capsaicin apparently just turned his joint pain is experienced, so the pain seems diminished. But capsaicin does not address the actual inflammation is the primary cause of pain. While sodium diklofenak can indeed resolve the problem without causing joint pain pains on the body area that is applied to the drug.

This makes sodium diklofenak is better used to treat joint pain. In addition, any research reveals that cream or gel containing sodium diklofenak more effective and potent for treating osteoarthritis of the knee.

If the complaint is pain still occurs after trying the above way, especially if you experience a fever, pain settle down to more than 3 days, weight decreased, or joint swelling and pain occurs without an obvious cause, then immediately seek treatment to the doctor.


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