How to overcome distractions ears in childhood

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How to overcome distractions ears in childhood

How to overcome distractions ears in childhood

How to overcome distractions ears in childhood - Disorders of the ear riskier occur in infants and toddlers because they have the tuba or the Eustachian which is shorter, narrower, and transverse than adults. These conditions make them more at risk of experiencing a buildup of fluids.

Disorders of the ear are called otitis media occurs when bacteria or viruses get into the middle ear, the part behind the eardrum. The child suffered ear infections of the middle ear is usually filled with fluid or pus-infected and inflamed, causing pain. Ear infections in children is often caused by a germ or virus causes of a sore throat or a runny nose

This happens when a child is exposed to the ear Disorders


Older children can describe the pain and on which part. But the baby has not yet been able to speak may be just crying and fussing more often than usual. Therefore, it is important for parents to observe the signs a child might experience a disruption in the ears. The child suffered ear infections generally are experiencing some of the symptoms such as:
  1. the child complained of ear pain. This is because pus presses his ear drum.
  2. Difficulty eating and drinking due to swallowing and chewing causes pain in the ears.
  3. Difficulty sleeping due to pain while lying down.
  4. Children often attract or hold the ear.
  5. Fever appears because the body of the child being the fight against infection.
  6. Previously had undergone sinus infections or colds.
  7. Vomiting or diarrhea due to bacteria or viruses also can interfere with the digestive tract.
  8. Child's ear smells bad.
  9. Whitish or yellowish fluid coming out of the ears of children. This can occur due to the formation of a hole in the eardrum due to inflammation and infection.
  10. Standing position is not balanced because of disorders of the ears is also disturbing the balance of the body.
  11. Children are more difficult to hear due to the buildup of fluid in the ears.

The pain will be more severe due to increased inflammation that occurs when the infection worsened. It can also occur in acute otitis media, i.e. when the fluid is accumulating, experiencing inflammation middle ear, eardrum, and appear flushed fever.

Help Children Comfortable While His Ear Pain
Generally, these ear infections can take off in 2-3 day by itself. But sometimes lasts longer. In anticipation of the possibilities, check out how that can be done when children are misbehaving in the ears.


  • Be aware of whether your child's condition can be improved in time 2-3 day without antibiotics. The consumption of too many antibiotics can make germs in the body of the child are immune to antibiotics.
  • The doctor will probably give you an antibiotic for disorders in children's ears are severe. Make sure your child is taking antibiotics until it runs out, and do as recommended by examinations back to doctor sometime later.
  • Drug paracetamol or ibuprofen can be used to reduce the pain. Avoid giving aspirin to children.
  • Ear drops medicine from a doctor or warm compresses an unused child's ear can also help relieve pain.
  • Sangga head with extra pillows as she lay.
If the antibiotics and other treatments cannot cure the disorder in the child's ear, there are times when a doctor will run the operations by placing the ventilation channels on the eardrum. An action is also more considered in children with some specific conditions, namely the recurrent ear infections often experience, as well as suffering from a hearing loss or speech delays.


The good news is, there are ways that can be done to prevent disruption in the child's ear.


  • We recommend that children not consuming milk from a bottle while you sleep. The study found that the use of the dot turned out to increase the risk of middle ear infections in babies and toddlers.
  • Avoid the child from around people who smoke. Children are often situated on smokers more at risk of experiencing ear infections than are not.
  • Invite the children to wash hands regularly to avoid bacteria.
  • PVC/pneumococcal vaccine can help reduce ear infections. Bond Pediatrician Indonesia (IDAI) recommend administering this vaccine for children aged 2, 4and 6 months later the giving vaccines Deuteronomy (booster) at the time of children aged 12 to 15 months.
  • Giving BREAST MILK exclusively for the first 6 months may help prevent infection.

With proper treatment and prevention, disruption in the child's ear will not make children cranky and prolonged agony. Immediately take your child to see a doctor if symptoms do not improve after 2 -3 a day, the children looked very in pain, fluid out of the ear, high fever, the child looks limp or there is a decrease in consciousness.


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