Symptoms of the disease causing typus

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Symptoms of the disease causing typus

Symptoms of the disease causing typus

Typus, tipes or typhoid fever occurs due to a bacterial infection Salmonella typhi. Many of the diseases that strike children this could harm the life if not getting proper handling and as soon as possible.

typus can be transmitted quickly. Infection and typhoid fever can occur when a person consuming a contaminated food or drink a small amount of stool, or a more general, not urine infected with bacteria.

In General, bacterial incubation typus causes about 7 to 14 days. This is the duration when bacteria begin to infect the first into body tissues until the first symptoms appear.

In addition, direct contact with a person with can also increase the risk of bacterial infection Salmonella typhi.

Case Typus

In the year 2000, it is estimated there are more than 2.16 million cases typus worldwide with a total death toll of 216,000 people. Mirisnya, more than 90% of cases death occurs in Southeast Asia.

In our own country for example, are estimated to be approximately tipes case 900,000 per year with a death toll of more than 20,000 annually. Poor sanitation and lack of clean water is suspected to be the cause of community land attack easy tipes of water.

Typus symptoms in children and adults in General

Symptoms tipes, typus

Symptoms of the disease typus will generally appear about a week or two after a person is infected with the bacterium Salmonella typhi. Therefore, it is very important for us to know the symptoms of early tipes to perform prevention or treatment optimally. What are the symptoms?
High fever temperature until it reaches 39oC – 40oC. In the first week of the fever will experience up and down, whereas in the second week of fever will continue to go up and deteriorating.
Muscle pain and often weariness.
The emergence of an unbearable headaches.
Often feel limp.
Excess fatigue.
Loss of appetite, sometimes accompanied by nausea.
The children often have diarrhea (diarrhoea), while adults experienced kontipasi (difficult chapter).
The appearance of the rash-rash on the skin in the form of small red spots.
Often feel confusion. It is marked with the do not know are where and what happened actually.
Symptoms tipes, typus typus,

The above are symptoms tipes in General. Symptoms of these tipes will progress from week to week, with the following characteristics:

The first week

Fever. Not too high initially, then gradually increase and reach temperatures of 39oC – 40oC.
Excessive headaches.
Weakness and fatigue. Similar to the symptoms of diabetes.
Experience a dry cough.
Loss of appetite.
Abdominal pain that was unbearable.
The appearance of diarrhea or constipation.
A rash on the skin.

The second week

If not immediately treated in the first week, then you will enter the second stage with symptoms more severe among others.
High fever that still continues, the alias is getting worse.
Severe diarrhea or constipation.
Weight loss dramatically. one of them caused due to loss of appetite.
Stomach feels bloated.

The third week

Entering the third week you will experience symptoms tipes as follows.
You will probably be more delirious and confusion.
Lay limp and exhausted with his eyes half open.
The fourth week

When the fourth week the symptoms improved somewhat fever especially tipes slowly. The fever will drop more or less for a week to 10 days. But the increasingly severe tipes symptoms will appear after the next two weeks.

When to go to the doctor?

a quick check with a doctor if a child or you experience symptoms tipes (typus) as above, to get the proper diagnosis and treatment. Usually, someone to ascertain whether or not doctor tipes exposed will do a physical examination and examination of supporting, among other things:
A complete blood count (CBC) will show an increase in white blood cells, but can also be normal and even lower.
Blood culture or gall culture during the week of the first fever can address the bacterium s. Typhi.

As for the other tests that can address the typhoid fever include:
IgM antibody/studies of LgG anti S Typhi.
The number of platelets, the number of platelets may be low.
Stool culture on the second week.
Elisha, a urine test to look for the bacteria that cause typhoid fever.
Typhoid Vaccination

In Indonesia, the typhoid vaccination as a preventive immunization be tipes advocated by the Government but has yet to enter into the category of mandatory. Typhoid vaccine was given over 2 years and repeated incrementally every 3 months. Immunization is done in the form of injection and oral in form of a toddler for children over the age of 6 years.

However, as with other vaccine-vaccine, typhoid vaccine is not able to give 100% protection from tipes. Children who have been immunized typhoid could nonetheless affect by the bacterial infection. However, infection of children who have been given the vaccine won't be bad children who have not been vaccinated at all.

Remember! the sooner the better the results will be treated later. Therefore, know more about the characteristics and symptoms of diabetes. So many of us. see you in the next article.



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