Tackling Burns In Children

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Tackling Burns In Children

Tackling Burns In Children - Burns in children can occur due to a variety of things. Starting from touched hot liquids or steam, come into contact with hot objects, up to going direct contact with fire.

Parents certainly don't want her son's injury. But sometimes, a child's curiosity made him a big hit by burns. For example, accidentally touched a frying pan, pot, or hot water is nearby. In addition, when playing the Fireworks or a match, could well spark a child hurt so that burns in children occurs.

Tackling Burns In Children

Types Of Burns

First aid burns on a child or how to overcome that right, it is important to know the level of burns experienced in order to be given appropriate handling. The reason, burns should be handled quickly to minimize the damage to the skin.

Burns is divided into several levels, namely:

  • First degree burns
    At this rate, burns occur only on the top layer of the skin. Skin that burns will be flushed, pain, swelling, and skin dry without blisters. Will generally recover in 3-6 today, but the skin will peel off in 1-2 day after burns.
  • Second-degree burns
    At this rate, burns it in a more serious condition, because it was hurting the lower layer of the skin or dermis. The looks of the skin which blisters and redness, and feel very sick. The process of healing of second-degree burns long enough until you reach the three weeks or so.
  • Three levels of burns
    Three levels of Burns is the most serious burns because it hurt all the layers of the skin and underlying tissue. Burns at this level will make the skin look dry and white, dark brown color even looks scorched. Nerve damage sometimes makes only slight numbness or pain around burns.

Handling Burns

Burns never affixed to compress with ice. This will only make the child's body temperature goes down, it can also cause more damage to the skin that hurt.


That should be done so that burns in children can be resolved properly is"soothing" area burns with water. Flush burns with running water for at least 5-15 minutes. In this way also helps release some dirt may stick to the wound.


If the area of burns in children, there is a fabric that is sticking, do not attempt to remove it, let the later doctor who cared for injured child with adequate health tools.You can only cut your clothes around Burns so that skin damage does not occur.


When broad Burns is a small, once cleaned, then wraps the wound with a sterile bandage or gauze for at least 24 hours. Avoid exposing materials such as oil or toothpaste on the wound. To relieve pain, give children paracetamol in accordance with therecommended dose or under direction of physician.


In children who suffered burns injuries with wide and cause the skin to blister or become white and charred, immediately take your child to the doctor or hospital, to geta proper handling. Including if Burns experienced are on areas of the face, hands, arms, feet or genitals that cause the skin to blister.


To prevent burns in children can be done in a variety of ways. You can start by avoiding dangerous objects out of reach of children, such as matches, Fireworks, or candles burning. Avoid also put hot drinks on the area within easy reach of children.


When will bathe the children first, check water temperature carefully. In addition, we recommend that children are not allowed to be around the stove or kitchen withoutsupervision. It is very important to prevent the occurrence of burns in children.

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