Therapy Removes Varicose Veins Naturally

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Therapy Removes Varicose Veins Naturally

Therapy Removes Varicose Veins Naturally
How to remove varicose veins is a healing method to overcome the distractions surrounding venous blood vessels of the legs in order to recover and did not return again. Varicose veins can appear due to the circulation of blood in the area of blood vessels (veins) are experiencing barriers so that it loses its ability to flow back the rest of the blood from the body's metabolism of heart to the network


When there is driven feet sensation a sense of weight on limbs
Often experience cramps after running away or sitting and standing for too long
A network of blood vessels is clearly visible as fine fiber that resembles the shape of a net
It appears bluish colored veins that stand out irregularly shaped like worms
In the varicose veins feel pain and if there is friction by wearing tight pants easily irritates
The cause of the


1. The period of pregnancy
At a time when the mother was pregnant then the body will experience hormonal changes causing the blood flow to the legs become vulnerable exposed barriers and consequently are very susceptible to swelling. Conditions this is why pregnant women are often affected by varicose veins at a foot.


2. Old age
Age is one of the factors triggering the appearance of varicose veins at foot because of advanced age of the entire function of vein blood vessels undergo a natural process in the form of slow blood flow and the decline of the elasticity of the vessel itself.


3. The symptoms and menopausal
Menopause symptoms often lead to the appearance of varicose veins, this happens because when the body is no longer producing fertility hormones then affect the function and performance of the venous blood vessels including the area of the foot.

4. Due to strenuous activity

Too heavy activity often includes the feet to prop up and holding the load is being lifted. Load too heavy can suppress venous blood vessels and causes blood flow at choked up and then appear blood clotting that can not be reversed again towards the heart.


The best solution

Some Therapy Removes varicose veins so that varicose veins quickly deflated and lost at once to prevent the characteristics of this form of varicose veins don't re-emerge (relapse).
1. Limit the footwork
As far as possible avoid going too far or standing and sitting for too long in order to varicose veins which have formed are not experiencing enlargement.
2. Improve the way sitting
How to remove varicose veins are most easily and safely is to avoid the habit of sitting with the legs crossed or folded because will only aggravate the condition of varicose veins. Sitting with legs crossed or folded causing blood flow so intolerable as a result of blood buildup will occur place varicose veins that are already formed. This condition causes varicose veins the larger and pains.


3. avoid the use of high heels or too narrow
Don't use tall shoes and too narrow is the best step to prevent the appearance of varicose veins and as a way of eliminating varicose veins are most easy to do use of the wrong shoes can give recurring pressure back on the foot network including venous blood vessels. Fatigue due to the use of the wrong shoes raises the varicose veins is getting long, painful and difficult to be eliminated.


4. Consume foods or supplements containing omega 3
Consuming foods or supplements containing omega 3 100 mg dose with every day such as the type of the fish. Omega 3 may reduce the volume form of varicose veins become smaller and prevent the emergence of pain.


5. Use special stockings for venous blood vessels
The use of stocking is done to improve the condition of the blood vessels are veins that are experiencing clogging in blood circulation that is commonly used in accordance with the advice of doctors after completion of a physical examination and blood vessels.


6. Consume berries and gingko biloba


Did you know that the berries and gingko biloba is a source of food that is rich in astringent tannins and vitamin E which is able to fix the circulation blood vessels blood veins, Deflating the swelling form of lump blue colored veins while easing the pain.


7. Maintain ideal weight
Keep the weight to keep it in balance with a healthy balanced diet is one way of eliminating varicose veins a proven that can make the appearance of varicose veins is getting smaller, Horizontal and can be lost by the process of time.


8. Put both feet higher than chest
Get used to putting feet higher than chest area using a pillow when heading off to sleep very well to launch a blood flow, improves venous blood vessels function in order to restore the rest of the blood from the body's metabolism promptly towards the heart.


9. Do sports swimming
The sport of swimming for 30 minutes or one hour on a regular basis then proved can improve blood circulation and decrease the volume size of varicose veins.

10. Foods rich in fiber

Consuming foods rich in fiber each day to avoid constipation which only aggravated form varies

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