10 Food Vitamin D is best for you

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10 Food Vitamin D is best for you

10 Food Vitamin D is best for you

10 Food Vitamin D is best for you
the best source of vitamin d from foods that have vitamin D from food Sources.
Vitamin D is an important vitamin that is needed by the body, not only for bone growth but also the absorption of calcium, blood sugar control, and immune function. Vitamin D deficiency can cause many health conditions, such as bone disorders (rachitis, osteoporosis), increased risk of cancer, and weak immune system.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that you are getting enough vitamin D foods in your daily diet.

How much vitamin D do I need in a day?

According to the Institute of Medicine, 1-70 years of age requires as many as 600 IU of vitamin D each day, and age 71 to top need it as much as 800 IU daily. However, you may need more vitamin D in your daily intake, especially if you suffer from a deficiency of vitamin D and osteoporosis.

Consult a doctor to get the advice of an appropriate dose of vitamin D your body condition.

How do I get vitamin D for body?
Vitamin D may actually be produced naturally by the body with the help of sunlight (ultraviolet B). When you are exposed to the rays of the morning sun, the body is driven to change the skin molecules called 7-dehydrocholesterol into a form of vitamin D called cholecalciferol.

However, it is difficult to predict whether the body to get enough vitamin D from sunlight, and therefore needed other sources of vitamin D to meet your daily vitamin D requirement.

Vitamin D from food sources

Here are the best food sources of vitamin D for the body:

1. cod liver oil

Although many people are not familiar with the taste of cod liver oil, they can actually get a lot of the health benefits of fish oil. Contains vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids in high levels, cod liver oil can meet the 75% of your daily vitamin D requirements in just 1 teaspoon.

100 grams of cod liver oil contains 10,000 IU vitamin D, and it's been widely available fish liver oil cod enriched flavor so you easily to eat.

2. Salmon

vitamin d Salmon

fish is a source of vitamin D
Salmon, and other fatty fish types is the best source of vitamin D.
Because of fat-soluble vitamin D, you need to eat fat to subjugate them. Fish, especially fatty, which is one of the best foods that are rich in vitamin d.

Salmon, among others, are the best sources of vitamin D are also rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Half the sliced meat fresh salmon (155g) contains 1035 IU vitamin D, but you also can get enough vitamin D from meat canned salmon.

3. Tuna

vitamin d tuna

Tuna fish is a food ingredient that is more commonly used in the everyday menu because the price is cheaper than salmon, but his nutritional levels have absolutely nothing to lose.

Including the types of fatty fish, tuna is a good source of vitamin D and are also rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids. One serving of tuna meat (85 grams) contains approximately 200 IU of vitamin D, and you can easily get it in the form of canned tuna.

4. Sardine

If you are not accustomed to eating salmon or tuna, sardines can be the right choice. Many are found in Indonesia, these fish contain a lot of vitamin D and other types of minerals.

100 grams of sardines contain 192 IU vitamin D, and you can easily get the health benefits in the form of canned sardines are delicious and available cheap.

5. Milk

vitamin d milk

Drinks, famous for its vitamin D, milk is an excellent source of nutrients for the body. Cow's milk also contains calcium and minerals at high levels so it is very beneficial to the health of bones and teeth.

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milk is a source of vitamin D
Milk, especially those that have been enriched, is a source of vitamins and minerals important for the body.
Cow's milk, whether skim or pure, naturally contain vitamin D, but it has been widely available cows milk fortified with extra nutrients that are good for the body. Fortified cow's milk contains 127 IU of vitamin D in 1 cup (244 g).

6. Egg

vitamin d egg

The egg is the food source of vitamin D is common in the daily menu. Large egg (50 g) contains 44 IU vitamin D, and one cup of egg (136g) contains 120 IU vitamin d.

If you are accustomed to setting aside the egg yolks while consuming animal products, you should start learning to enjoy it because in the yellow egg there are many vitamin d. with egg whites containing many proteins and the yellow containing a lot of vitamin D, eggs into healthy foodstuffs and cheap to be consumed per day.


7. Mushroom

10 Food Vitamin D is best for you massroom

The fungus was exposed to much sunlight (ultraviolet B) proved to contain a lot of vitamin d. the types of fungus that are commonly consumed, such as fungal ear studs, mushroom, shiitake mushroom, and highly nutritious vegetables and beneficial to health.

Mushroom buttons, for example, if exposed to ultraviolet B for 2 hours, will contain 734 IU vitamin D only in 1 Cup (70 g). Dried shiitake mushrooms that come from Japan contain 41 IU of vitamin D in 1 cup (145g). Low in fat and calories, the fungus can be a healthy choice of food to be consumed daily.

8. Shrimp

Seafood is well known for its deposits of protein, but the shrimp is also a good source of vitamin D. In addition to plenty of protein and vitamin D, shrimp actually also contains omega 3 and low in fat and calories.

One serving of shrimp (85 g) contains about 129 IU vitamin D, and you can enjoy it with boiled or steamed in a way to get the best health benefits.

9. cheddar cheese

this Animal Product is processed from cow's milk that has been d in a certain time. Cheddar cheese contains nutrients that are good for the body, and in 1 cup (28g) contains 11 IU vitamin d.

Cheddar cheese can be combined with a variety of other foods, making it the choice of food sources of vitamin D that is easily consumed each day. In addition, the cheddar cheese can be a good source of vitamin D in childhood because many favored by children thanks to its unique taste.

10. Cereals

According to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2004, fortified cereal is the main source of vitamin D in the United States. Most cereals ready to eat cereals are available in the market which has been enriched, and 100 grams of fortified cereals generally contain 332 IU vitamin d.

food sources of vitamin D
Cereals are a source of vitamin D for families in many countries.
If consumed with milk with the high content of vitamin D fortified cereals, will be a healthy breakfast full of nutrients that are good for the body.

Much of the general public who think that it is very difficult to meet the needs of daily vitamin D for the body. But not so in reality.

Aside from the sunlight and the foods above, vitamin D is also available in supplement form. With vitamin D supplement drink every day, you can get your vitamin D intake with more measurable, especially if you have vitamin D deficiency. Consult a doctor or a nutritionist for more information on the dose of vitamin D supplement is right for you.


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