Benefits Of Fasting For Health

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Benefits Of Fasting For Health

Benefits Of Fasting For Health

Over the centuries, is one of the fasting ritual carried by most societies to meet the demands of religion or tradition. For Muslims, fasting is an obligatory act of worship traveled each day during Ramadan. So fast it can go smoothly, there are some health facts that must be considered.


If not done with healthy, fasting can weaken the body and harm health. In contrast, healthy fasting can be beneficial psychologically and physically. What are its benefits?

the benefits of fasting for health

When fasting, the body undergoes changes according to the long fast. In fact, the body takes eight hours to absorb nutrients from food. That is, the body is able to fast if given the intake first. Therefore, it is important for a nutritious meal before undergoing fast from Sunrise until the sinking Sun.


In normal conditions, the primary source of energy in the body is the sugar stored in the liver and muscles. During fasting, the mistress of this sugar is used to generate the necessary energy to the body. After the sugar is used, fats become the next energy source and this can reduce weight.


If these energy sources are still not enough, the body will burn muscle proteins to produce energy. The last phase is the phase of hunger, and this is very unhealthy. However, this only happens if a person is fasting for days without a break. Therefore, fasting during Ramadan, it is important to immediately break the fast and eating healthy foods.


Benefits Of Fasting
Psychologically, fasting can cope with stress and depression for some people as they learn to control yourself. In addition, after a few days of fasting, the body will experience an increase in endorphins in the blood that gives the feeling of being mentally healthy. There are various other benefits of fasting for physical health such as the following.


1. Help improve medical conditions.
Fasting, accompanied with a healthy diet before and after, can help improve conditions arthritis, inflammation of the large intestine, and skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.


2. Nourish the heart.
A research shows that those who fast once a month had a 58 percent lower risk of affected by heart disease, compared to those who did not undergo fasting.


3. In addition, there is also some research suggesting that fasting can reduce insulin resistance that triggers diabetes. However, it still needs to do more thorough research. Remember that to maintain heart health, other factors, such as diet and regular exercise, have a big role.


4. Reduce the risk of cancer.
During fasting, the rate of cell division in the body will be reduced as growth factors decrease due to the limited intake. Research conducted against mice proved that it is capable of reducing the risk of cancer. However, further research is needed to determine if these conditions hold true in humans.


5. Keep your weight.
Burning fat into energy can help reduce weight and cholesterol level. Decrease weight loss will impact both to control diabetes and blood pressure.


On the other hand, the weight will indeed go down if you don't eat all day and don't get your calorie intake as usual but could climb back on when you're not fasting.This is because when fasting, you are losing fluid, not substantial weight. Moreover, when breaking the fast, you thus vent appetite.


Therefore, it is important to stay in control of eating when you're not fasting. Try toconsume foods that contain enough energy, such as fiber, protein, carbohydrates, and fats in balanced amounts. A healthy diet and a balanced fluid intake, as well as enough can help keep your body weight.


Condition that Risky to fast


In addition to rewarding, fasting can be dangerous when you do it without a meal or when the condition of the body is not healthy. Here are a few conditions that risky to fast.


-Have low blood pressure or hypotension
-Less blood or anemia
-Eating disorders
-Have a heart or kidney problems
-Experience the malfunctioning of the immune system
-Are undergoing treatment, such as chemotherapy
-Pregnant women
-A heart rhythm disorder experienced


Fasting is essentially getting humans to control itself, both psychologically as well as physically. The benefits of fasting you can feel if you undergo fasting correctly, such as with a balanced diet and enough rest. However, do not force me if health conditions you are not allowed to fast. In addition, if found symptoms pain due to fasting, check with your doctor.

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