Healthy Living Healthy Eating With Reduce Eating

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Healthy Living Healthy Eating With Reduce Eating

healthy living and eating

Everything starts from your mind. It is absolutely right, what you do and you select the food sure based on what's on your mind which gives consideration everything that exists. You can use your mind to do many things, one of them a healthy life by eating and lose weight.

The world of psychology in Indonesia has found some way that will make you eat fewer servings. It's easy, by deceiving your own mind. Here are some easy ways to trick your mind in order to eat less.

1. buy smaller plates

Trying to compare between the two spoon rice is placed on a plate of different diameter. Then see, between plates that are smaller and larger plates. Two spoon rice will look less at the plate are great, but looks excessive in a small plate. By replacing the entire dish at home with a smaller diameter, you will automatically adjust the serving of a meal with the existing space on the plate. As a result, with the smaller plate, a portion of your meal will be a little more.

2. Eat a snack/snack with no dominant hand

A study proving that eating snacks such as French fries, cassava chips, or crackers with no dominant hand will reduce the portion of your meal by 20% less. So if you used to use the right hand to play, try to start eating snacks using the left hand, as well as vice versa.

3. place the mirror on the dining table

Maybe this sounds strange to You, but the researchers proved by putting a mirror in a place you normally take your meal, you will unconsciously take eat less. Psychologically, the mirror will enhance the sense of self (self-consciousness). This makes you think twice when going to take the food in front of a mirror. In fact, if there are two different types of food such as hamburgers and salad at the dinner table, you will likely choose a salad.

4. use a red plate

This is definitely the more makes you confused. But in fact, a study has proven, people tend to take less food when the food was served on top of the plate is red. It turns out that the subconscious mind you have to associate the color red with a sign "stop" at traffic lights. This is what makes the food portions, you'll take less when using the Red plates.

5. Open your food
Open your food. If you have two slices of fresh bread menu plus brand of brown butter and jam on it, try not to unify the two loaves, but rather open it. Or if you have a menu of pastel content of meat, vegetables, and eggs, try the pastel sides in advance. Psychologically, when you see the food that is served openly, the food will look a lot more. This causes your brain refuses to eat too much.

This Article we made for you to live a healthy life, healthy eating, by reducing feeding, hopefully useful, see you in the next article.


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