Mineral water to lose weight

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Mineral water to lose weight

Mineral water to lose weight

Women which does not want to have an ideal body shape and perfect? Many women make the process of diet piety. Starting from not eating carbs, exercise rigorous, even to not eat at all during the day. Even diet often thus making us so sick.

Do you know that actually we can lose weight with fairly easy, delicious, and can be done daily. Dr. Aninda Prime, B Med Sc, Health, Marketing Manager of Danone AQUA suggest if you want to have a balanced weight then you can do that just by drinking mineral water.

Based on clinical research on adult obese, drink two glasses of water 1-2 hour before meals (lunch and dinner) can lose weight. This is because white water drink raises a sense of satiety and may reduce food intake. Many mentions the cold water makes the body so plump, even though it is just a mere myth.

"Mineral water was able to make the weight goes down, its cold water make Tubby is through the baseball," said Dr. Aninda when found in Jakarta.

Drinking ice water will not make fat unless coupled syrup, sugar, or the like. Mineral water and white water contain 0 calories, either cold or not. So the cold water will not make your so fat.

"The cold water that goes into the body we will adjust the temperature with the temperature of our body, so it's not going to make the weight," the lid.

come on now to expand the drinking of mineral water to help you in losing weight. Ideal body instead of just so dreams of women.



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